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Oh shit overslept. Barely made it to the walking tour, missed the first five minutes.We saw the great statue of Oscar wilde in Merrion Square Park. It's certainly unconventional. The artist chose marble of different colors to sculpt the likeness -- life-size, green smoking jackets with quilted pink lining, lapels and cuffs. Dark trousers, shiny black shoes, dark gray socks.

The lips have an odd half-smile, half-frown twist. Viewed from the statue's left, the lips show a smile; straight on, a half-sneer; from the right, the lips turn down.

The statue is accompanied by two smaller sculptures, a pregnant nude (his wife) and a male torso (presumably his lover), each with quotations from Wilde.

Unfortunately, the World National Congress of the World Associaiton of Newspapers wa spretty useless. We heard four or five speakers, and only one had anything new or useful to say, and I didn't catch much of his talk. The others repeated the tired old platitudes about social consciousness and quality. Those sentiments are fine, to be sure, but what the journalism world needs is new ways to realize those goals.

Two small triumphs -- I found a good umbrella and an Internet connection. I'll go back to find some studies for homework and to do some research for a presentation in class.

Notes on writing a journal -- who is my audience? Maybe that's why it feels so awkward. wish I had that "leaving a mark" book with me.

It's too early to tell, but I'd like to establish the habit of journal writing.