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Late again

I couldn't get out of the house early enough, then the bus stop was too far away, then the bus driver didn't let me know when my stop was and I stayed on the bus three stops farther. Had to get off, take the next bus back, then find the class, which had started without me. But Dr. Land was having difficulties with his laptop and the electronics in the classroom. Though I was an hour late, I didn't miss anything. But I'll meet my classmates nearby on Friday morning to make sure I'm not late for the day trip -- Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains.

I need an Irish tour guide so I'll know something about these places beforehand. All I know is that Wicklow is a "garden spot" (this from Bernie, my home-stay housewife), and there are "monastic sites" at Glendalough.

This trip is turning out fortuitous. I lost my favorite pencil -- thought I dropped it on the bus and lost it for good -- but a classmate spied it on the road. I hope he believed me then I told him it was mine.

Second stroke of luck -- I'll be in Dublin on Bloomsday, the annual celebration on June 16 of James Joyce's Ulysses. And we have Monday off from class, so I'll be able to do whatever I like to participate in the festivities.

I'll have to catch up with details of my application to UTD -- they're missing several pieces. Hope Janet can get the transcript part. I can take care of the rest.