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Fortuitous, hah!

I made arrangements to meet four classmates so we could all get to school on time for a daylong sightseeing tour. It's Friday the 13th.

First the bus was late, so we were probably a few minutes late arriving at the destination stop. But they (and I) didn't know exactly when to get off. We missed the stop and had to ride for about 20 minutes to get back. By then the tour bus had left. So we five missed the whole trip.

We tried to make the best of it, traveled to the city center and caught a Dublin city bus tour. We saw some sights, most notably the Guinness brewery (huge place, 60-some acres), St. Patrick's Cathedral, Phoenix Park. That's where the zoo is. The guide said the lion there, Stephen, had a career as the MGM logo.

The park is said to have 250 or so red deer. We didn't see any, but there are a couple of reindeer crossing signs. Wish I could have gotten a picture. We went to an Internet cafe and checked e-mail (nothing from Janet). Told her to see about the transcript.

I came back "home" and had another huge meal. Fish and potatoes plus mixed vegetables. Bernie washed all my dirty clothes, so I'm ready to start another week.

After three days of being late, I've resolved to be on time the rest of the trip. Just have to be sure to get in bed early enough that I don't go back to sleep after the alarm goes off.

I'll have more to write about the Special Olympics World Games -- it's a great thing the Irish are doing.